Rockford Speedway – Hot Rod Races

Hot Rod Races

“Thrills Dime A Dozen At Hot-Rod Races”

Photo caption: “At the hot-rod races every Saturday night at the Rockford Speedway, thrills are a dime a dozen as the “souped-up” jalopies race around the one-half mile asphalt track.  The above photo shows a group of cars as they prepare to go into the straight-away.”

“Rockford likes the hot-rods.

In six weekly meetings over 50,000 local racing fans have crammed into the Rockford Speedway for the Saturday night hot-rod races and track officials  are expecting capacity crowds for the remainder of the season.

These attendance figures show that the Rockford sporting public has put its stamp of approval on the hot-rods, and more important, are flocking through the gates to see them in action.”

Source: Rockford Morning Star  Aug. 22, 1948