Dixon vs. West Here on Friday – 1948

Dixon vs West here on Friday

Source: The Rockford Sports News and Entertainment Guide, Nov. 30, 1948

“City Gets $100,500 in Liquor License Fees” – 1960

City Gets $100500

Source:  Rockford Register-Star May 30, 1960

Link Killings to Gambling Boss – 1959

Link Killings - 1

The Headline source: Rockford Morning Star July 10, 1959

Link Killings - 2


Main St. South, 322

Clarence B Bennett wife Luella E, electrician Central Heat and P Co residence

Source: 1905 City Directory

Adams Express Co.

Source: 1911 City Directory

Adams Express Co.  Southern Express Co.

Source: 1916 City Directory

Rockford Findings Co.

Source: 1921 1926 City Directory

The Congress (Peter Alinauskas) beer parlor

Source: 1933 City Directory

Spotty’s Tavern  (Chas Lazzio) 47: Dr Richard S Grant physician

Source: 1940 1947 1954 City Directory

(322 1/2 S. Main St.) James F Chalmers  wife Frances janitor Kent School  residence

Source: 1905 City Directory

George S. Vosburgh rear: Charles H Reed

Source: 1954 City Directory