1030 Harlem Boulevard

1030 Harlem Boulevard

Residence of Harry N. Page and wife Mary A. Page

Secretary / Treasurer of Rockford Lumber and Fuel

Also residence of Robert W. Page and wife Helen G. Page

State Representative


Source:  1949 Rockford City Directory

Courthouse – second – 1844

Courthouse - second - 1844

“The history of the location of Winnebago County Seat led to a seven years war of heated controversy.  The proprietors of Winnebago town, then located in our now North End, wanted the County Seat, but the County Commissioners opposed it.  This situation finally brought it to the State Legislature, who caused a vote to be taken here in May, 1838, which resulted in Rockford’s getting the County Seat. June 8th, 1839, Commissioners selected a square on East side for Court House. September 28th, 1841 West side men submitted a proposition to furnish a site on the West side until permanent buildings could be erected.  December 11th, they turned over Court House and new log jail, opposite where Nelson Hotel now stands. In 1843 this same group of citizens and others offered to build and furnish Court House as desired, provided it was on the West side—– the above shows the Court House as finished in 1844, on site now occupied by present building.”   [400 West State St.]

Source:  “Rockford since Pioneer Days  1834,”  Courtesy of Rockford National Bank,  Rockford, IL, Oct 14, 1927         R977.33 R59