State and Main Rockford City Directory 1952 pgs. 129, 179, 180

“UEP unveils new developments” – 2018, The Rock River Times

Source: The Rock River Times, April 25, 2018, Vol. 25, No. 28,, page 2, article by Jim Hagerty

“Alpine Bank Wins Federal Insurance OK” – 6/24/1961

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic, June 24, 1961

“Man Falls 6 Floors to Death” – 1967, Talcott Building

Source: Rockford Morning Star Sunday, March 14, 1967


Source: Rockford Morning Star, Sunday, March 14, 1967



Talcott acquisition continues west side trend – 2015

“Talcott acquisition continues west side trend” by Frank Shier


“Justin Fern’s Urban Equity Properties (UEP) purchased downtown Rockford’s iconic 13-story Talcott Building, 321 West State St, March 31, 2014 for an undisclosed sum, reportedly in the are of $7 million.  UEP purchased the skyscraper from TRT Management, whose principal, Dave Casazza, owned the building for 30 yeas. Casazza also owns Broadmoor Insurance Agency, located in the Talcott.”

“The Rock River Towers, 913 N. Main St., was purchased by New Jersey’s Strategic Partners of North America for $8.2 million from River Tower Venture of Mukwonago, Wisconsin. In 1998, it was purchased for $2.5 million.”

“Rockford Trust Building, 202 West State St., is being developed by Morgan Management, a Pttsfield, New York developer for a reported $12.5 million, with a purchase price of $1.7 million.  Construction is slated to begin this summer.”

“The River District enjoyed a very timely save of the classic Pioneer/Conseco Insurance, 304 N. Main St….building was purchased by Kevin Holdmann’s expanding Trans Atlantic Connection, currently at 109 N. Main St.”

Source: The Rock River Times, April 15-21, 2015.

State St., West, 315-21 – Talcott Bldg., 1962

Carson Pirie Scott & Co.  (1st – 4th Floors


501:   Lawrence A. Barden   lawyer

Gerald F Tuite  lawyer

Clarence N. Pearson  lawyer

502:  Vacant

504:  J B Whitehead & Loren Whitehead  real estate

Talcott Building office

506:  The Optical House

507:  Gateway to Beauty

508:  Conrads & Co investments

509:    John A Forbes  investments

513:   Shultz,Fahy and Street  lawyers

514:    Vacant

601:  Underwriters Adjusting Co.  Insurance

602:  Vacant

603:   Eldon F Hammer  dentist

604:  Anthony R Fabiano  lawyer

605:  Vacant

607:  James E. Thiell  physician   Edward W Keefer  optometrist

608, 610, 612 and 615:  Vacant

609:  Camen R. Paynter  physician   insurance

611:   Crum & Forster Group  insurance

614:  John F Jackson  dentist

701:  Federal Equipment Corp   cleaners and dyers

702:  Charles S. Thomas   lawyer,  Peter C. Kostantacos  lawyer, and Charles H Davis  lawyer

703:  Clyde C. Cole  dentist

704:  Samuel A Oren   dentist

706, 709 and 710: Vacant

708:  King Olson Surprise and Co   stock brokers

711:  Guys and Dolls Slenderizing Salon

712:  Adrian’s Beauty Salon

714:  Union Savings and Loan Assn  real estate and loans

801:  Alf B. Owen  physician

802-03:  Pedderson Menzimer & Conde lawyers

805:  J Harry Bendes physician

806 and 815:  Vacant

807:  John W Hallock  lawyer,  Bernard P Reese jr  lawyer

809:  Harold Stern  lawyer

822:  American Fore Loyalty Group Insurance Co.

901:  Martin M Ellman dentist

902: Edwin B Morris  dentist

904:   William M Magnelia  dentist

905:  Levis C Brooks, physician

906:   Carlton D. Reed   dentist

907:   Walter W. Kolatala  physician

908:  McInnes Dental Laboratory

909:  W Mayo Larson  physician

910-12:  Brick-Kote Construction  contractors

C L Sjostrom and Associates; construction engineers

911:  American National Insurance Co.

916:  Ilten Optical Laboratory

917: Stone and Webster Securities Corp  investments

1001-1004: E. R. Hollingsworth and Associates

1008  Robert M. Lewis  physician

1009:  George E. Lamphere     dentist

1010  Early and Lundin  lawyers

1017   Gauger & Diehl    accountants

1007, 1011, 1012 and 1018: Vacant

1101:  Lawrence K. Minshall dentist

1102:  Joseph A. Hopkins  dentist

1103:  Everett Ramsey  barber

1104:  Francis H Spickerman   dentist  Charles F Nicholas  dentist

1105:  Maurice M Armstrong   podiatrist

1108:  C Harry Grandstaff  dentist

1109-1110:  Vacant

1111:  Gaziano and Gaziano  lawyers

1112:  Rockford Mercantile Agency  collections

1114  Rainier Pharmacy

1201:  Monument Life Insurance Co.

1202:  National Life Insurance Co. of Vermont

1203:  Knight & Knight  lawyers

1204:  Alex C Kraft  physician, Chas A Cibelius physician

1208:  Orval A. Crossan     dentist   Shirl H Benning  dentist

1209:  B L Winchester  Dental Laboratory

1210:  Logan T.  McMenemy   office

1214 and 1217:  Vacant

1211: Roland I Pritikin  physician, Method L. Duchon  physician

1216:  Stuart R. Sowle   dentist

1300:  Mid-day Club

Source: 1962 Polk’s Rockford City Directory













1332 Harlem Boulevard

1332 Harlem Boulevard

Residence of Dr. H. Dick Countryman and wife, Virginia Countryman

Physician and Surgeon, 1204 Talcott Building

(They later moved to 1951 Harlem Boulevard, where Virginia died in 1959)


Source:  1937, 1940 Rockford City Directories