Summer and 1240 N Church

Summer and 1240 North Church

Chandler Starr house constructed in 1906 razed later than 1970 property now St. Peter’s parking lot

Chandler House

Source: Nuggets of History Nov – Dec 1969 & Rockfordiana: Historic Houses – 3 p 6

property was owned by Catholic Diocese in 1971 – (2013). According to Rockford Township a building permit was issued in May 2001 to remove a building on the property. photo from Rockford 1912 p 21

Source: Rockford 1912 R 917.733 R595 page 21

“Fine Homes Are Built”  Rockford Republic, July 6, 1906  p 9

” One of the finest homes being built this yearis the Chandler Starr residence, which is being built on the very top of the Blaisdell Hill on North Church St.. From this point the country can be viewed for 10 miles around in any direction and it is probable there is not a pleasanter smd larger view from any other place in the city.  Alberts Brothers are the contractors.

Source: Rockford Republic 7/6/1906