Faust Hotel – History

named after Levin Faust

Source: 1852-1952 Rockford Centennial 977.33 R65

see also Tebala Towers, photo being built. Cost $2.5 million to build in 1928

Source: Rockfordiana-Historic Houses and Landmarks-4, page 2

photo of exterior, 1936, p48 photo of Rainbow Room, 1936,page 48 photo of Coffee Shop, 1938, page 49

photo of Terrace Lounge, page 49

Source: Rockford 1920 and Beyond R 977.331 J669r

Hotel Faust

Faust Hotel

A new $50,000 coffee shop was added in 1938

Terrace Lounge
Terrace Lounge

Photograph of Terrace Lounge, Page 49

Faust Hotel Lobby
Faust Hotel Lobby

The lobby was styled as above from 1947-1953, Page 50

The volume also contains photographs of the exterior in 1936, Page 48; the Rainbo Room in 1936, Page 48; the Coffee Shop in 1938, Page 49; the Viking Grill, Page 50; the Recreation Alley and the Pub, Page 51; the Old Colony Room, Page 51; and a photograph of the exterior in 1957.


Source:  “Rockford 1920 and Beyond”,  R977.331 J669R; also Rockford Morning Star, 07/30/1938