Three Bankers, 1887 – Robertson, Sanford and Spafford

3-bankersLeft to right:  T. D. Robertson, G. A. Sanford and A. C. Spafford

Source: Picturesque and Descriptive History of the City of Rockford, 1887

T.D. Robertson, president Winnebago National Bank, 124 S. Main St., residence 601 N. Main St.

G. A. Sanford, president Second National Bank of Rockford,  S. E. corner Main St. and West State St., residence 407 N Main St.

Amos C. Spafford,  a resident since 1839, president,  Third National Bank of Rockford, 323 E. State St., residence Prospect St.

Source of text information: Dunn and Philippi’s Rockford City Directory for 1887-8



Winnebago National Bank

corner S. Main and Elm Sts. Succeeded to the banking business of Robertson and Starr, capital of this bank is $100,000. Thomas D. Robertson is President, M. Starr, cashier. Board of Directors: John Lake, Moses Bartlett, A.D. Forbes, W.A. Knowlton, Wm. A. Talcott, S.M. Church, more

Source: 1872-1873 Rockford City Directory

124 S. Main

Source: 1915 Rockford City Directory


Main St., South, 111

Bullock, John collar maker, Hess & Hopkins Leather, bds Chick House, Bulock, J.W., wks Rockford Silverplate Co., bds Chick House Bullus, T.F., solderer, Rockford Silverplate Co, bds Chick House Megill, Miss Kate, cook Chick House, bds same Mensel, Miss Dora, chambermaid Chick House, bds. same Merchant Tailor Stock Co., Adolph Peterson, prest, Merchant tailors. Fine suitings and splendid fits.

Source: 1889-1890 Rockford City Directory

Schulein, A.E. shoes

Source: 1926 Rockford City Directory

Chick Hotel

Source: Republic 9/1/1923 & Register 1/19/1917 & Gazette 1/19/1917

A E & B Schulein, shoes

Source: 1905, 1911 Rockford City Directory

A.E. Schulein, J.T. Joslin, W.H. Sovereign, H.J. Wilcox

Source: 1916, 1921 Rockford City Directory

Rockford Female Seminary

Rockford Female Seminary

“The Rockford Seminary is collegiate in character, and bears the title on account of the popularity of that title forty year ago when the Seminary was founded.  The location of the Seminary on high ground in East Rockford, commanding a full view of the pretty Forest City and the shining waters of the romantic Rock River , are such as to commend it as a health resort.  The seminary is not a denominational school, yet it is strictly a Christian school.  Its buildings, as will be seen by engravings in another part of this book, are extensive brick buildings, in the midst of a grove of oak and hickory trees, covering in all ten acres in extent.  The Seminary is very popular , and numbers among its pupils each year students from all over the United States.  One of the features which has done much to build up the popularity of the school with parents is the fact that the health of the pupils is carefully looked after.  This is done by a comprehensive system of training in the gymnasium , run under the Sargent rules now in vogue in Harvard University.”

“Board of Trustees: Professor Joseph Emerson, D.D., Preseident, Beloit Wisconsin; G.A. Sanford, Esq., Vice-President, Rockford; Thomas D. Robertson, Esq. Treasurer, Rockford, William A. Talcott, Esq., Secretary, Rockford.”

“Executive Committee—Hon. Wm. Lathrop, Chairman, Sarah F. Anderson, Secretary, Wm. A. Talcott, Esq., Mrs. Seely Perry, John Barnes, Esq., Henry H. Robinson, Esq.”
Source of picture and text: “Industrial and Picturesque Rockford, ” by Eugene Browne and F. Ford Rowe, 1891.

Main St., No., 901

Robertson, T D house

This house, located at 901 No. Main St., was built before the Civil War. It was constructed at a cost of $40,000 and it’s builder was Allen Gibson.  Today it would be located in roughly the middle of the Whitman St. bridge.

It passed on from the Gibson family to the Thomas D. Robertson family. Mr. Robertson was the president of Winnebago National Bank, and the resident at the time this picture was taken in 1886-7.

From 1911 until 1921-22, Mrs. D. J. Stewart owned the home and then it was inhabited by  the Bassetts. In 1926 it was vacant. According to the newspaper, it was purchased by Howard D. Colman, who bought it from the heirs of the late D. J. Stewart.  It was razed in 1927, presumably to build a home with more modern heating, electricity and plumbing.

History of the house from city directories and from the Rockford Morning Star 3/12/1927.

Picture of the home from “Picturesque and Descriptive History of the City of Rockford,” by Fred C. Pierce, 1887.

Rockford Female Seminary – 1876

Rockford Female Seminary Sm

which later became Rockford College then Rockford University

The Rockford Female Seminary originated in connection with Beloit College, and its founders designed to make liberal provisions for the thorough collegiate education of young women.

Board of trustees: Rev. Joseph Emerson, Beloit, Wisconsin, pres.; Rev. Wm S Curtis, D.D., Rockford, vice-pres.; Rev. Frank P. Woodbury, Rockford, secy., Thomas D. Robertson, Esq., Rockford, treas., W.A. Dickerman, Esq. Genl Agent.

Source:  Brainerd’s Rockford City Directory for 1876, pp 24-25.