First Harley Davidson and First Gas Driven Truck in Rockford

Baseball Team Rides in the City’s First Gasoline-Driven Truck

The Ironbrew Bottling works owned the first gasoline driven truck in Rockford-a two-cylinder Rapid dated 1906. Members of the old Maroon baseball team are passengers in the truck, among them Hal Carlson, later a big league player, and Hilding Nelson, who played with the Three-I league. Everett Russ, son of E.T. Russ and part owner of Russ and company, is in the driver’s seat, and beside him is his sister Gertrude, now Mrs. Theodore Nells, 315 N. 3rd st. The first Harley Davidson motorcycle in Rockford, pictured at the rear of the truck, is manned by Carl Bladstrom.

Source: Register Republic  June 16, 1952  p.46

Rockford Magazine – December 1994. Table of Contents

Source: Rockford Magazine, December 1994, Vol. 9, No. 12; Cover artwork by Kyle Warner


Beyer Stadium

history of stadium in articles from 1965 articles, Rockfordiana: Sports-2

purchased from Three-I League in 1923, purchased for $34,410.00

Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/1/1965

photos, prime outdoor athletic facility in city. Water drainage is onto the running track. Stadium completed in 1924. Beyer stadium financed by Kiwanis Club-directed public subscription. $11,000 spent by School Board for locker facilities in 1928. Track is 44.8 feet short of regulation 1/4 mile

Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/1/1965