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Source:  Watson, Andrea V; Yates, Jeff; Rockford Register Star, Aug. 1, 2021.

Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Holiday 2017 – Cover, Table of Contents, Reg. of Advertisers


Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Holiday 2017, Vol. 14, No. 6, front cover, Index p. 17,19, 21

page 255


Rockford Public Library – 2

Rockford Public Library 1912 postcard

postcard postmarked 1912

RPL interior addition

“Work on Library Addition’s Interior”

Source: Rockford Morning Star 3/1/1964

Sulivan Center Opening

Source: Rockford Register Star 1/17/2013

Sullivan Center

Source: Rockford Register Star 1/17/2013

Rockford Public Library

Rockford Public Library and RVC

Rockford Public Library and RVC

Source: Rockford Register Star 10/11/2013

Rockford Public Library & United Way

“Library’s Amnesty….”

Source: Rockford Register Star 10/24/2013

Rockford Public Library Finances

Rockford Public Library Finances 2
Source: Rockford Register Star 10/30/2013

Rockford Public Library Materials Collection

Source: Rockford Register Star 12/1/2013


Rockford Public Library Main Branch

Rockford Public Library Main Branch

Source: Rockford Register Star 12/9/2013





Old Rockford College Neighborhood – 2015

“MY VIEW – Old Rockford College neighborhood goes from duck-and-hide zone to the pride zone”.

Source: Rockford Register Star. March 29, 2015

Rockford Female Seminary was founded in 1847; name was changed to Rockford College in 1892.  Men were accepted as students beginning in 1955, mid-1960’s moved to East State St,

In the mid-1990’s, two groups formed Neighborhood watches.  In 2006 the groups joined forces and called themselves the Old Rockford College Historic District Neighborhood Association, known as ORCHiD.

References to Mayor Larry Morrissey, National Night Out, demolition of old Jane Addams housing complex, Venita Hervey, Tom McNamara.

Article authored by Becky Lichty, president of ORCHiD.