Veterans Who Have Passed: Harry Richard Hedlund

Source:  Rockford Register Star, Oct. 7, 2019.

State St., West, 400 – Winnebago County Court House

1st Floor:  Court House Lobby and  Confectionery

Basement:  Photo Copy Machine dept.   Justice Court

Rooms: 101:  Recorder of Deeds

102:  Township Assessor

103:  Veterans Assistance Comn

106:  Board of Supervisors; Board of Review; Liquor Commission

109: Sheriff

110:  Treasurer

201:  Zoning and Building Dept.; Election Office

202:  Winnebago County Clerk

206:  Judge; Court Reporter

210:  Probate Clerk

211:  Veterinarian; Probation Officer

212:  Forest Preserve Dist.

302:  Circuit Judges; Circuit Court Reporters; Circuit Clerk Reporters

306:  States Attorney

308:  Supt. of Schools

309:  Probate Judge; Probate Court Reporter

311: Auditor

Source: 1062 Polk’s Rockford City Directory