“War Products to Jam Temple” – March 1944

War Products - 1

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic   March 18, 1944

War Products - 2

War Products - 3



War Effort Publicity – 1943

War Effort Publicity

Source:  Rockford Morning Star Sept. 5, 1943

Twin Disc Clutch Co.

Twin Disc Clutch Co.

Percy H. Batten, Pres – Treas; Arthur B. Modine, V-Pres; Fred Adamson, , V-Pres; Soren Sorenson, V-Pres; John H. Batten, Exec V-Pres; Gilman L. Shuman, Sec-Treas; R T Rehwald, Asst Sec; R T Howell, Asst Sec; Roger G Delong, Plant Manager; G EE Cedarleaf, Works Mgr; William H Evan, Purch Agent; Industrial Clutches and Hydraulic Drives

1310 Preston St., Telephone 4-5664

Source: 1948 Polk’s Rockford City Directory