“39 JA Companies Are Organized” – 1968

Source: Rockford Morning Star Oct. 15, 1968

Rockford Civic Newcomers Club – February 1973

Source:  Rockford Civic Newcomers Club scrapbooks (source for all)

Rockford’s first Christmas Tree

Source:  The Rock River Times, Dec. 14 – 20, 2016, Vol. 24, No. 9

Pierce Chemical Co. – founder Alan Pierce, PhD.

Pierce Chemical

Source:  50 Years of Excellence Pierce 1950 – 2000

Pierce Chemical - 2

Address n 2016: Pierce Chemical Co.  3655 N. Meridian Rd. and 3747 Meridian Rd., Rockford, 61101


Jesse A. Barloga – 5873 Nebeshone


5873 Nebeshone, Architect:  Jesse A. Barloga, Commissioned by Malcolm T. McFadyen, president at Holland Ferguson Abstract Co., photo by Marty Mangas ca.1968 – 1970.  Mrs. McFadyen’s obituary states that the house was built in 1926.

Malcolm McFadyen retired from Holland, Ferguson Abstract Co. after 50 years in 1948 and died in 1967.  He was born in Scotland and was president of the Rockford Burns Club for more than 40 years.

Mrs. McFadyen was employed in the Winnebago County Courthouse offices. She lived to be 103. Her obituary says that it was “a cornfield and pasture” before the house was built. She was active in the Unitarian Church’s women’s groups.   She died in 1975 at Swedish-American Hospital.

Thomas K. and Kathryn M. Radant are or were the current residents from 1987 – 2014; perhaps longer on the end date listed.  Prior to 1987 the house was owned by Thomas and Joan Hopp. Mr. Hopp was an Eastern Airlines Capt. and was a graduate of East High School.

Main St., No., 201

Church of the Christian Union ext

Church of the Christian Union  [Unitarian Church]  dedicated in 1888

201 No. Main St., currently (2014) the parking lot immediately south of Veteran’s Memorial Hall.

Formed by disenchanted members of the First Baptist Church.

Source: Rockford: an illustrated history, by Jon Lundin, page 90.

Ch of Chris Union int

Stereograph of the interior of Church of the Christian Union.

Source: Local History collection of stereographs