Main St. South, corner Elm


Holland House (hotel), E. Hasbrouck, proprietor s e c Elm and Main,

F.D. Camman, Real Estate & Insurance  n e c Main and Elm Thos. Angon s w c Main and Elm

Holland House (hotel), H.N. Starr, propr.

Source: 1859-1860 Rockford City Directory

NW cor Main and Elm = Commercial Block ** Elm Street** Elm to Chestnut = Wallace Block

L.W. Burnham Commercial Institute n w c main and Elm upstairs

NE Corner Main and Elm = Bank Block

Goodman, N.W. Dry Goods and clothing n w c Main and Elm

Porter Sheldon, Attorney  n e c Main and Elm, Bank Block

E Side Main between State and Elm = Concert Hall

SW corner Main and State = Odd Fellows Hall

Hambright, G F. postmaster Post Office s e c Main and Elm

Source: 1859-1860 Rockford City Directory

The New Holland, I.A. Leonard propr, strictly first class, cor S Main and Elm

Source: 1889-1890 Rockford City Directory

Masonic Hall

Source: Masonic Temple 1902 Rockford, Illinois (small 5 x 7″ booklet) Some Half-Tones of the Forest City from Fotografs by O.H. Wheat


Main St. South, 405


Organized Reserve 6th Field Corps

Source: unknown 1905

Post Office U S Federal Building

Source: 1911 1916 1940 City Directory

Post Office, basment: WPA, 114 U S Navy Recruiting Office; 118 U S Army Recruiting Office. 120-122 U S Army Organized Reserves; 201a Federal Housing Administration; 202 I R S; 204 Internal Revenue Collector; 207 Social Security Board; 208 Home Owners Loan Corp; 210 National Youth Admin; 212 American Red Cross; 215 Winnebago County Agricultural Conservation Assn; 218 Post Office inspector; 224 National Youth Admin; 226 U S Army Organized Reserves assembly room; 3rd Fl W P A (Educational Program)

Source: 1940 City Directory

United States Federal Building: Post Office: basement American Red Cross production dept; Dept of Agriculture (sil conservation) U. S .Supt of Mails; U S Navy Recruiting Station; U. S. Marines Recruiting Station, U S Army Recruiting Station; U S Navy inspection dept; Federal Housing Administration, U S Internal Revenue Service; Dept. of Justice (FBI); Social Security Board; U S Dept of Labor (Wage Hour and Public Contacts Div); U S Ofc P A; U S Rockford Military Sub Dist (ORC Affairs);  Winnebago County Agrl Conservation Assn; Post Office Insp; U S Collector IRS; Assembly Rm.  U S Army Organized Reserves; Post Office Clerks, Local No. 79; P.O. Letter Carriers

Source: 1947 City Directory

405 South Main Street

Source: 1908

405 South Main Street

Source: (postcard for sale) 1908


405 South Main Street

Source: 1930 postcard for sale at