Coronado Theater – 1970

“Coronado: Splendid Old Palace of Fantasy”

Coronado  splendid palace sm

Picture at left of article: “Old Honest Abe occupies a dubious and inexplicable position between two nudes on a wall panel at the Coronado Theater – just one of many arty creations which fill every inch of the 43-year-old building.”

Photograph at right ” Polishing one of the Coronado’s smaller mirrors is Mrs. Isilee Brown, who was working for the theater for 17 years. Mrs. Brown is in charge of the crew which keeps cobwebs off gargoyles and popcorn off the floor.”

“The theater, which opened Oct. 9, 1927, cost about $1.5 million. It’s first program included vaudeville and a movie and the Coronado, named in a contest which drew many entries, was the first theater offering ‘talkies’ to Rockford audiences.”

“Nelson, who saw excavation for the building begin in 1925, said the fancy artwork, which leaves hardly an area larger than 2 square feet without some adornment, was made in forms.”

“The furniture in the halls, including the “king and queen” chairs which have played a part in the fantasies of Rockford children for about 43 years, is the original – but all of the original is not there.”

Source: Rockford Morning Star, by Julie Snively, Fwb. 22, 1970