Viola Barloga – 1944, photo

Viola Hodgson Barloga, comes from a British family

artist, homemaker, interior decorator

Her painting “Boat Racing on the Rock River” in 48th annual Chicago and vicinity artists show, opens at Art Institute of Chicago Thursday

She studied at Art Institute when she was a girl.

Soprano, plays piano for own pleasure

Painting “Still Life on Piano” won Barloga the Rockford Art Association’s 1943 Purchase Award, now hangs in Burpee Gallery

Barloga home is at 1220 National Ave.


Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/23/1944


National Ave., 1234 – assorted

National Ave., 1234 - 1

Photo:  Marty Mangas, ca. 1968-1972    Ray Knowland, architect house built for Viola Barloga, widow

1948-1956 Viola Barloga

1959 – 1968  Elizabeth B. Forbes

1968 – 1970 Frederick Haye

1970 – 1974 Attorney Francis E. and former State Senator Vivian Hickey

[The Hickeys resided at 1234 National Ave. through 1986, and Roger Fisher and Wendy Perks-Fisher 1987-present. Source: Tom Mott/Polk’s Rockford City Directories.]

Source:  “National Avenue; Early History; History of Camp Fuller; Prominent Residents”  published 1974

National Ave., 1234 Homes

Style: French Provincial, drawing by Gene Horvath

Source:  Homes magazine covers 1982-3   R720.977331 H767 1983

According to, the current residents since 1987 are Roger Fisher and Wendy Perks-Fisher.