Water Power District – 1928

Water Dist 1

Source: 1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance maps; large portion of Water Power District shown; bordered on north by railroad tracks, at bottom, by Kent Creek, at West by S. Main St., at East by Rock River.  Mill Race running diagonally near center, from 1854 until the 1950’s when it was filled in my cinders and dirt.

Water Dist Zenith

The blue building on map is Zenith Cutter Co., and in lower center, Whitney Machine Co.  Rockford Iron Works is at the Upper left on map.   Source: 1928 Sanborn Fire insurance Map.

Water Power Solem

Dark Blue Building near center is New Rockford Watch Case Co., the light blue is Solem Machine Co.

Source:  1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co.




Briggs & Enoch

Briggs & Enoch, (C. C. Briggs and A. I. Enoch, owners) plow, cultivator and coulter manufacturing, Water Power district

Source: Bassett’s Rockford City Directory for 1879 p 27

*a coulter is a blade or sharp disk attached to the plow that cuts through the soil vertically before the plow goes through the soil. Definition found on http://www.refdesk.com