“Several Changes in Market Arrangements” – Dec. 1927, Rockford Furniture Herald

Source: The Rockford Furniture Herald, December 1927, Pages 3 and 4

West End and Rockford Republic Furniture Co.s – March 1927

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald. March 1927, page Sixteen

West End Furniture Co., F A Ticknor, president; G A Stockhus vice-president and mgr.; G C Ruder, sec and treas; 2314 Preston St.       Source: 1927 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory, p 791

Rockford Republic Furniture Co., P F Stone, president; G A Anderson, sec and genl mgr; C H Starr, treas; 2520 13th Ave,  Source: 1927 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory, p 673

“Prince and Jester See Furniture Made” – March 1927

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald, The, March 1927 issue, pp. 5 and 6


West End Furniture Co., ad – Dec. 1926

Source:  Rockford Furniture Herald, Dec. 1926, page Eighteen, bottom of page

West End Furniture Co.,  F A Ticknor, pres; G A Stockhus v-pres and mgr; G C Ruder sec and treas;  2314 Preston St.  Source:  1926 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory

Fulton Ave., 708

John Benson (Gunhild) mach. Ingersoll

Hjalmer F. Johnson (Geraldine) mach. B-B

Howard E. Lucas (Leona) clk. Ingersoll

Stanley E. Tribbey (Lucille) draftsman Ingersoll

Source: 1936 Rockford City Directory

George Novak (Lois M)  Woodward Govenor

Source: 1938 – 1941 Rockford City Directory

Louis Holfman (Marian M.) emp. West End Furniture Co.

Source: 1939 Rockford City Directory

Edwin Rahm (Norma) patternmaker Ingersoll Milling Machine

Orville Hallock

Source: 1941 Rockford City Directory