Grand Army of the Republic

“Committees Named For Memorial Day” R.K. Welsh Will Make the Address. Exercises will be held on May 30, at the West Side Cemetery.

The John A. Logan camp of the Sons of Veterans  will go to Cherry Valley on Sunday to assist with…

General Chairman – Marcus A. Norton, General Secretary J.G. Manlove

Seats and Stands – Walter Van Alstyne, chm., Ed Ridgley, L. Hickox, S. Johnson, G.D. Brown

Decorating stand – S. F. Steffa, chm., William Andrews, J. L. McLain, D.W. Evans

Decorating Graves – V.D. Woodruff, A.N. Hoffman, J.N. Lillie, chairmen, Egbert Phelps, Martin Rhoades

H.H. Stone,John Beatson, W.F. Hudler, R.H. Burritt, C.H.C. Dagwell, Daniel Sullivan, H.R. Edwards,

B.F Lee, V.M. Wheeler, R.C. Norton, A.J. Dobson, James Chalmers, G.C. Bailey, William Buck,

F.E. Hubbell, D.C. Richards, A. Holmquist, S.A. Cummings, J.W. Mitchell, D.W. Day, N.C. Burroughs

Source: Rockford Republic 5/9/1911



Cemetery bordered by Cedar St. and [Winnebago] St. – 1844-1851

The 1844 – 1851? Plat Map of Rockford shows the Cemetery that was at Cedar St. (north side), Winnebago St. (today) on East Side, with train tracks running through the width West-East of the Cemetery.  As the city grew, and the number of trains increased, the land was needed for train tracks and the bodies buried were moved to The West Side Cemetery, now called Greenwood Cemetery.

The plat map is in archival mylar sleeve with flat paper maps.

Bradley and Bradley Architects – plus George Bradley obituary

First ad in newspaper as Wm. Bradley, Architect and Builder:  May 10, 1856, Rockford Weekly Register-Gazette

George Bradley served an apprenticeship at Architect and Builder in Boston, MA in 1850. Source: Death article, January 14, 1898, Rockford Daily Register-Gazette  George Bradley came to Rockford in 1855 according to same article, and constructed over 1000 buildings in Rockford by the time of his death in 1898.  His business was succeeded by his son, C.W. Bradley, who had been associated with him in architectural and construction work for 14 years.

Built 7 public schools, Wallach’s Block, Stewart Building, First Lutheran Church, First Congregational Church, Tinker Swiss Cottage, and T.D. Robertson residence.  Source: Rockford Daily Register-Gazette, Jan. 14, 1898.

Burial in West Side Cemetery (name changed to Greenwood Cemetery).

Source: Rockford Daily Register-Gazette January 14, 1898









Main St., North, 1832

Hoeser, Miss Gussie F, clk. D.F. Sullivan res. 1832 N. Main

Lund, Henry R., solicitor, Forest City Insurance Co., res 1832 N Main

Wagner, Frank, Supt. West Side Cemetery, office at residence, 1432 N Main

Source: 1899 Rockford City Directory

Mrs. .Anna B. Wagner, Mrs. E.A. Lund

Source: 1914 Rockford City Directory

Main St. west of cemetery

Bickford, Hezekiah, blacksmith 916 Kilburn Ave., res. N. Main w. of cemetery

Bickford, Thomas, retired, res N. Main, w. of cemetery

Source: 1889 – 1890 City Directory

Hutchins & Rundle

no street number found across from West Side Cemetery (Greenwood) on Main St. In 1997 City Directory Business does not exist in 1899
City Directory

Source: 1889 – 1890 Rockford City Directory

Main St., North, 1501

1501 N. Main St.

Source: Rockford Register Star 9/2/2011

West Side Cemetery (Greenwood)

Source: 1914 Rockford City Directory

1501 N. Main St.

Source: 2010

Barbour, Orion Ford

born Sept. 30, 1834, in Perry, Lake County, Ohio education at Hiram College, Painsville, Ohio; roomed with James Garfield, 20th US President. In early 1850’s taught in Toledo, Ohio. Married Eliza A. Harlett Taylor in Aurora, IL on 7/17/1860. Applied for job at South Rockford School and was accepted. In 1866 appointed principal of Kent School; 1876 appointed  Dean of Library Board. Eight weeks before his death 4/26/1915. struck with grippe

Source: Nuggets of History May-June 1968 & in Rockfordiana – Biography  Bab- Bax pre 1966

O.F. Barbour

from “The Old Settler’s Corner”. Born in Lee County, Ohio began teaching at age 18. He worked for Robert Beatty when first in Rockford.           Beatty owned a dry goods store in Metropolitan Block. 1866 there was an opening for a principal for South Rockford. The school was an old wooden building, 2 stories high. In 1867 the new stone building was erected. He saw schools increase from three to 21. Article contains copy of his poem, “Twilight Reverie”

Source: Rockfordiana Biography & Rockford Morning Star 3/8/?

“Prof. O.F. Barbour is Dead” Prominent Principal of Kent School whose fame has spread, “Passed away at home, 512 North Court Street After a Long Illness, leaves hosts of former pupils… served on Library Board, President of Board 1883, 1889 – 1901 and again from 1910 – 1915. Illness began several weeks ago with an attack of grippe was born Sept. 30, 1834 at Perry, Lake County, Ohio became known all over the state, and at times, was president of Illinois Principals Association. He is survived by wife, son, Will J. Barbour of LeRoy, Ohio, daughter Grace Barbour of Chicago, stepson, A.O. Taylor, brother: Dr. L. P. Barbour, Placentia, California brother: Hendrick H. Barbour, Huntsburg, Ohio; sister, Mrs. Mary J. Barrell, Middleville, Michigan brother, George C. Barbour, Center Lake, Michigan; brother Emilius Barbour of Speed, Kansas brother, Rev. James E. Barbour of Pawtucket, R.I. and Grant Barbour. 57 years of teaching 50 of continuous service in the same school (Kent).  Originator of Flag Day. Started the custom of flying the US flag on the schools. As soon as he became principal, he began beautifying school grounds also started gathering of flowers by students for Decoration Day for graves of soldier and sailors.

Source: Rockford Register Republic 4/26/1915

“O.F. Barbour Died At Noon” Veteran Educator had been Principal of Kent School for 49 years “Taken Ill Two Weeks Ago, Saw Plans of Barbour School Few Days Before He Died” 80 years old, stricken by the grippe (influenza) about 8 weeks ago. Son, Ted, died one year ago yesterday, April 25, 1914. His daughter Grace is a teacher in the Chicago schools and stepson, Almy Taylor, of Aurora, is a conductor for the C.B.Q. railroad. In honor of 50 years of dedication to Rockford students, school board proposed new school named “O.F. Barbour”. Barbour was a chorister for many years at Third St. Methodist Church and  for a time directed the choirs at Second Congregational Church and Centennial Church. President of the Masonic Relief Association of Winnebago County and  was a member of Rockford chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Winnebago and Crusader Commandery. Served on library board nearly 39 consecutive years; appt. by Levi Rhoades in 1876. Funeral services at Court Street M.E. Church (Rev. Lynch), internment at West Side Cemetery

Source: Rockford Daily Register Gazette 4/26/1915

“Library Board in Tribute to Prof. O.F. Barbour – Resolutions in honor of educator”

“Memorial for O.F. Barbour   City Schools Will Close; Board of Education, Teachers, Students to attend funeral”

Source: Rockford Daily Register Gazette 4/27/1915

“Rockford Pays Tribute of Tears to dead Teacher” Court St. Methodist Episcopal Church  crowded to capacity, marked by expressions of Grief. impressive burial ritual by the Masons was performed by Walter M. Trigg. Remains deposited in final resting place by W.F. Cadwell, A.C. Humeston, R.S. Chapman, A.F. Tyler, Myron Bruner and Charles H. Emerson

Source: Rockford Morning Star 4/30/1915

“N.F. Thompson Heads Barbour Memorial Body”  Association formed to Perpetuate Name of Kent School Educator. A large attendance and at the meeting and enthusiastic support voiced for a memorial

Source: Rockford Morning Star 6/4/1915