Hale, Barbara – Wedding of Rockford Movie Star

B Hale - 1

Caption: “When Screen Star Barbara Hale, Rockford’s most famous representative in the film capital, became the bride of Bill Williams, in Rockton’s Old Stone Church on June 23, 1945, more than 2,500 of the young actress’s admirers thronged the tiny churchyard for a glimpse of the dark-haired beauty and her blonde bridegroom. In the upper left photo, members of the bridal party are William Long, Stuart Morgan, the bridegroom and bride, Mrs. Harold G. Arfstrom, Mrs. John H. Kehe, and young Lindka Arfstrom. The officiating pastor was Dr. B. E. Allen.  The bridal pair is pictured on the steps of the church greeting admirers following the ceremony in the right picture above.”

B Hale-2

“Barbara and Bill were cutting the wedding cake in the reception at the Wagon Wheel just like every other wedding couple in the lower photo.”

B Hale - 3

Source: 1852 Rockford Centennial edition 1952 by the Rockford Morning Star