“Shots Meant for Zuta Foe Kill Joe Giovingo As He Talks to Police” 1930

Article and pictures contine below.  Source: Rockford Daily republic August 15, 1930





B-C-A News, August – Sept. 1927 – partial News bulletin

*Actual copy of Employee News Booklet is 23 pages plus covers


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St. Thomas Catholic High School, 1922-1923 football team

St. Thomas Football

Source: St. Thomas Catholic High School, 1923 Thomist Yearbook

  • St. Thomas was both a boys and a girls school in 1923, while Muldoon was in planning stages and not yet built.
  • Only seniors had individual pictures in the yearbook. Juniors, Sophomores and Freshman had a few candid pictures, but no class or individual pictures.
  • There was no index of students by name.
  • We took our best guesses on identifying the football players: we think Harry Jacobi is in the first row at the left end, Orie Smith in the center, holding the football, Raymond Walczak third from right, and Vincent Burns 2nd from right.  Second row: Maybe Leroy Monosmith on the left end,  Joseph Healey on left end, William Green third from the left. Father O’Rourke is in the middle of the second row. Third row: Charles McAllister first on left,  Francis Hickey second from left, Vincent Paul Colloton third from left, Joeseph Kadzevich fourth from left,  Edward McCarthy second from right end, William Sullivan on the right end.
  • The team was called the “Tommies.”
  • Father O’Rourke was aided by George Kitteringham who was not identified by picture in the yearbook.
  • Additional names mentioned in the text review of the season: Charles Flannery, Kehoe and Connors, Tom Fay, Bobel, and Healey (no pictures for comparison).

The team beat Belvidere, Byron, Marengo, Harvard, Marengo (second game) and lost to Rockford High School and to Woodstock.