Ziock, William, Jr.

William Ziock Jr.

Source: Rockford Register Republic 2/11/1957 & 2/12/1957

“A 1946 Interview with William H. Ziock, Jr.” by Hazel M. Hyde.  President of Ziock Industries 1905 – (1946) interview was followed by a trip through the plant at 418 So Wyman St. Mr. W.H. Ziock Sr. had a woolen mill that furnished yarn for Rockford Mitten Co. the woolen mill was in St. Charles, Missouri the 2 companies merged in 1855, Ziock and crew came to Rockford name was changed to Rockford Mitten and Hosiery in 1885 W.H. Ziock, Sr became president of Rockford Mitten and Hosiery. W H Ziock Jr. became president after his father died in 1905. Organized Ziock Industries somewhat later. Founded B-Z-B Knitting in 1910. Founded B-Z-B Knitting in 1910. Ziock Paper Box Co. and King Co. were both located at 417 S Wyman St. Jr was also responsible for the construction of William Ziock Building. William Jr. was born Nov 1863 in St Louis to Elizabeth & William Ziock. He married Lulu Mackwitz in St Louis, 4 children. Junior’s patent was granted in Canada (#287326) At the time of dissolution there were 3 subsidiaries: Beloit Hosiery (Seneca Falls, NY), Tenn-Rock Hosiery (McMinnville, TN) and Manchester Mills (Machester, TN)

Source:  “A 1946 Interview with William H. Ziock, Jr.”  Nuggets of History Nov.-Dec 1968 & www.ziock.org

Ziock, William, Sr.

was President Rockford Mitten & Hosiery operated a corn-cob factory before Rockford. Emigrated from Essen, Germany died in 1905.

Source: Rockfordiana-Historic Houses and Landmarks-1 & Rockford Register Republic 11/8/1958

1830 Germany – 1905 St. Louis, Mo was born to Heinrich Wilhelm Ziock (1801-1883) and Sophie Elizabth Schaeffer (1806-1870) in Hattingen, Westfalen, Germany. Heinrich was a woolen maker in Germany; the large Catholic family with 11 children moved to the U.S. in groups in the 1850’s. William came before the parents and settled in St. Louis
William was sworn in as a U S Citizen in 1855. In 1855 he married Elizabeth Bolinger. His parents both died in 1883 in St. Louis. William was comfortably engaged in the textile industry in St Louis; he operated St, Charles Textile Mill. In the early 1880’s he contracted to supply the new Rockford Mitten Co. After several visits to Rockford he moved his entire plant and all his employees to Rockford in 1855. He bought the company nd renamed in Rockford Mitten and Hosiery Co. Production was converted to hosiery, yarn socks and blanket goods that year. His son, William H. Ziock, Jr worked at his side from the onset he was issued 2 patents; 1 in 1867 and 1 in 1893. When William  Ziock, Sr. died in 1905, he was replaced by his son. William Ziock Sr. is buried in Rockford.

Source: www.ziock.org