Winnebago County Court House 1904

On May 11, 1877, while this court house was still under construction, the central dome collapsed without warning killing ten workman and

seriously injuring ten more.  Henry L. Gay, the architect, was ruled responsible because of flaws in his building plans.  Nevertheless, the building

was completed in 1878.

In the front central circle can be seen the statue of the soldier who now guards the entrance to Memorial Hall on Wyman Street.

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On the Waterfront, color promotional brochure/card – 2011

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“Civic Center bill means six months of frenzy here” – 1974

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“Civic center bill means six months of frenzy here” …   Rockford Register-Republic 9/4/1974

Judy Barnard – July/August 2008

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Winnebago County Illinois Land Atlas and Plat Book 1976 – Seward Twsp

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Sections 1 – 26  are keyworded

“Goral to Retire, Dunn Jr. explains post” – 2017, Township Supervisor

   Source: Rockford Register Star 3/02/2017