Veterans Who Have Passed

Source:  Rockford Register Star, December, 2019.

Rockford Police Relief Association, 42nd Biennial Ball – 1986

Source: Rockford Police Relief Association, 42nd Biennial Ball, May 23, 1986, p. 62


Rockford Park District – A River Gathering

Rockford’s Top Employers, 1980 and 2005 – 2008 article

Source: Rockford Register Star December 21, 2008

WWII Army Air – MIA Zielinski, Staff Sgt. Edward S.

“Missing Airman Lost Off France” reported missing in action since July 11 last seen over the North Sea in disable plane he had taken part in robot bomb installations son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Zielinski, graduated West High School 1942 was employed Woodward Governor before entering army March 1943 trained at Harlington, TX and Peterson field, Colorado Springs, CO

Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/16/1944

Woodward Governor Co.

“E” Award

Source: Illinois in the Second World War 940.5373 W34 v.2 pg. 73

E Award presented 1942, to which 4 stars have been added

Amos Woodward 1870 patent waterwheel governor manufactured  hydraulic governors for prime movers: governors in Grand Coulee Dam, Spokane, WA governors in Soviet Union’s Dnieprostroy Dam.

Accomplishments include 1911: hydraulic governor 1917: automatic auxiliary equipment for remotely controlled hdro plants 1919: moto-driven governor head 1931: permanent magnet generator 1934: cabinet type actuator on Monroe Dam, Columbus, Nebraska on Watts Bar Dam near Dayton, Tennessee, Diesel governors on military ships unit for automatically controlling adjustable-pitch propellers Woodward airplane governor steam and wind turbine governors.

1872-1893 in frame structure plant 1893 moved into N.C. Thompson’s Reaper Works Building.

Source: 75 Years of Looking Forward: Woodward Governor Company, Rockford, Illinois

Woodward Governor Co.

Source: Northwest Quarterly magazine Winter 2006 – 2007

Woodward Governor Co

Source: Rockford Register Star 1/2/2011

Woodward Governor Co Expansion

Woodward Governor Co. Expansion 2

Woodward Governor TIF

Woodward Governor TIF 2

Source: Rockford Register Star 8/28/2012

Woodward Governor Campus

Source: Rockford Register Star 11/1/2012





Warren D. Schneider – Apr 2016

Warren D. Schneider

Source:  Rockford Register Star April 19. 2016

WWII – Navy Holtz, Lewis Arthur

completed training for 3rd Class Petty Officer of aviation ordnance at naval air technical attended Rockford High School and U of I and was machinist Woodward-Governor  before Navy

Source: Rockford Morning Star 8/23/1944