WWII – Navy Pilot Geraghty, Joe

Joe Geraghty

Joe Geraghty 2009

flew plane on lookout for U-Boats (underwater boats; submarines) flew out of Sanford, Maine down the coast to NYC and back again all night flying, which was new at the time. After locating a sub with radar, dropped depth charges. After German subs were driven out of Atlantic, Geraghty sent to Pacific he flew Wildcat and Hellcat planes off aircraft carriers. Dropped napalm into caves on islands where enemy had dug in stayed in Navy for 10 years after the War. Member of group called WWII Combat Flyers. Started Geraghty Industrial Equipment, now Equipment Depot

Source: Rockford Register Star 11/11/2009

WWII – Navy Felton, John

“Sailor 4 Months on Iceland Duty” son of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Felton, 1214 No Greenview, home on furlough after 4 months sea duty in Iceland reported sending servicemen to Iceland is changing native customs, enlisted here in January 1940. Lincoln junior high, Rockford High School

Source: Rockford Morning Star 2/44/1942

WW II Army – Stephenson, Dr. Dale R. “Doc”

stationed at Fort Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan. At Camp Grant, he inspected dairy farms and milk plants and served as athletic officer at Camp Grant when there. Transferred overseas to C.B.I. in Karoche, India

Source: Rockford Register Star 6/28/2001

WW II Army Air Forces – Stenzel, Flight Officer Robert

leaves Thursday to report to Tampa, Florida for transitional training, graduated bombadier-navigator at Childress, Texas army air field, photo, 20 attended West High School, employed at Greenlee Brothers pre-war entered service June 6, 1943

Source: Rockford Morning  Star 9/10/1944