“Burr Planning Homes Costing Over $100,000” – 1928, Architect W. J. Van Der Meer

Source: Rockford Republic newspaper, Friday, August 31, 1928

Wortham’s, architect’s design, never built, 1932

Wortham’s Dept. Store, designed but never built. intended for NE corner of W State and N Wyman St.

Architects: Herman Eklund and Herman Hager, 1932, both former associates of Wybe Van der Meer

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/31/1932; Source: Jeff Aulik


807 Garfield Ave. – architect: Wybe Van Der Meer

807 Garfield Ave.

Source of photograph:  Jeff Aulik

Year built 1929 according to the Rockford Township Assessor

Original owners: Frank C. Burritt and wife, Bessie; sec-treas for Rockford Cement Products Co.  Source: 1932 Rockford City Directory

Current residents, 2016: Todd and Rebecca Anderson

Wybe Van Der Meer, architect – 128-130 Smith Ave.


Source: Jeff Aulik, who photograph and sent us the scan

Wybe Van Der Meer is well known for designing Catholic Churches and schools in the Rockford Area, such as the Chancery Office, St. Anthony Church, St. Thomas High School, Muldoon High School, St. Patrick’s School on Royal Ave., St. Peter’s.  He also designed many houses and apartments.  This apartment building was built in 1922.