The Lewis Branch  208 South Main

The Lewis Branch 208 South Main

The City of Rockford and Her Men of Affairs  R 977.33 D17
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1913 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois        Library of Congress

Main St. South, 416

Wm. Dow, shoemaker business, W.R.

Source: 1880 City Directory

Rockford Manufacturers and Shippers Assn., Manufacturers Employment Bureau

Source: 1911 City Directory

Rockford Cleaning Works   A. M. Guenther  pres. and Mgr.

Source: 1916

Amerock Building

Source: Rockford Register Star 06/28/2009

Main St., South, 416 Wyman Crossover ends, Cedar St. Railroad Crosses Textile Ct ends

Main St., South, 416-24

Wm Ziock Bldg; Ziock Paper Box Co, T N T Printing Co, Rockford Neckwear Co.

Source: 1921 1926 City Directory

Ziock Bldg.: Tower Building; American Cabinet Hardware Corp., The Brearley Co., Edenfruit Products Co., Ralph W. Hayden, S. M. Hoffman machine composition 8th Floor Tower Building,  Intercity  Box and Paper Co., L. P. Lawrence, Mgr; Jersey Chocolate Co. G. J. Schaub, Mgr; Midwest Tool  Works (Anton Vanoski) 9th Fl Ziock Bldg; Rockford Specialty Press, E. F. Cantwell, pres-treas book and commercial printers; Rockford Water Softener Co., (L. C. Lind, P.C. and E. T. Wahlbom) water softener mfrs. 13th Fl; Souders Tool and Machine Co (Ned P. Souders); Towers Garage, Tower Woolen Mills (Ziock Industries Inc.) Truscon Laboratories, Paul Rehan, Mgr, paints 13th Fl, Ziock Industries Inc, Ziock Luncheonette

Source: 1933 City Directory

Ziock Bldg: American Cabinet Hardware Corp.; Forest City Liquor Co., Hayden, Ralph W. neckwear  Harrison Abrasive Corp., Franklin Associates Inc. printers      t) Midwest Tool Works, Souders Tool and machine Co.

Source: 1940 City Directory

Ziock Bldg: American Cabinet Hardware Corp.

Source: 1947 City Directory

American Cabinet Hardware Bldg. American Cabinet Hardware Corp mfrs.

Source: 1954 City Directory