Rockford Journal, May 25, 1978 – Page 4

Source: Rockford Journal, May 25, 1978,

Wolf, Jack

Jack Wolf

Jack Wolf has 2 dealerships and a used car lot on West End of Belvidere. Father opened Chevrolet dealership in 1924. Board member of YMCA, board member Boone County Historical Society, board – Boone County Council on Aging. Photo with daughter, Amy Wilcox. Bought his first dealership in Genoa, 1958 then bought Belvidere dealership in 1963. Also runs a development firm. 1855 N. State St., Belvidere, IL (815) 703-0138

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine Spring 2007

Garfield Avenue

Lowest 2 numbers border on Ridge Ave. farthest west block of Garfield was originally called Holmes St. and changed to Garfield later than 1917 Holmes St. was named for Reverend Mead Holmes who bought the land under Garfield and more from Thomas Garrison. Thomas Garrison presumably named Thomas St. Holmes St. changes its name to Garfield Ave. (the block west of Rockton) in ___________________

Garfield Ave.

Reverend Mead Holmes bought some of Garrison’s land. Land was plotted by 1892 city directory, but access to city later and sale of plots was
held up by Mead’s death (1906) and contested will in court until at least Sept. 1909

Source: 1892 Rockford City Directory

In addition to being a Reverend, Holmes was also an alderman


Source: Rockford Morning Star 9/27/1906





Howard H. Monk – 2001

Howard H Monk

ource: Rockford Register Star January 19, 2001

“Anything That Floats” Rock River Raft Race – July 4, 1985

Ivory - 1

Ivory - 2

Source Rockford Register Star July 5, 1985

Ivory - 3




Joseph Giliberti, M.D. – 1926 – 2016

Joseph Giliberti sm

Source:  Rockford Register Star 2/27/2016

West State St. 100 Block

23  West State  Marshall P. R., cabinet furniture manufacturer, n s b Wyman & river

s s b Wyman & River  Andrews, John W., dry goods

s s b Wyman & River  Baldwin, Miron W., marble yard

s s b Wyman & River  Burpee & Groneman, cabinet furniture manufacturers & dealers

s s b Wyman & River  Fay, B. F., straw bleacher

s s b Wyman & River  Green, J.A., saloon

s s b Wyman & River  Osborn, A., runs, rifles, pistols &c.

s s b Wyman & River  MONTAGUE’S BLOCK

s s b Wyman & River  Saase, Francis, soap & candle manufacturer

s s b Wyman & River  Sealy, Miss Emma, dress maker

s s b Wyman & River  Young Men’s Christian Association rooms

s e c State & Wyman  Bridgeport Carriage Depot

s e c State & Wyman  Childs, E.M., locksmith

Source: 1859 Rockford City Directory



Main St., No. and Latham

North Main & Latham

North Main & Latham

North Main & Latham

Source: Rockford Register Star 9/28/2011

North Main & Latham

Source: Rockford Register Star 11/10/2011

North Main & Latham

North Main & Latham

North Main & Latham

Source: Rockford Register Star  1/12/2012