Bar Owners Push Back on Gaming Proposal – 2014

Bar Owners Push Back

Social Media and Small Businesses: Marketing

pp 251 – 257

6 Photographs

Zak Rotello, Olympic Tavern, Casey Johnson, David Griffith, Reg Gustafson, Clinkenbeard, Mark Ricotta, Eric Voyles, Rockford Area Economic Development Council, Carrie Zethmayr.

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Source: Northwest Quarterly magazine, Spring 2012, pp 251 – 257

Screw City Beer Festival – 2014

“Rockford’s Screw City Beer Festival at its best in fourth year” by Michael Sears, President, Forest City Brewers

2130 different beers to 2,000 craft-beer enthusiasts

3 local brew pubs (involved):  Carlyle Brewery, Pig Minds Brewing and Rockford Brewing Co.

Forest City Brewers back pouring:  Anthony Artale, Aaron Sleger, Chris Wachowiak and Zak Rotello organized and ran this event.

Source: The Rock River Times, Sept. 10-16, 2014




Olympic Tavern – 2013, Zak

Olympic Tavern  utopias

Picture at top: Zak Rotello, beer director at Olympic Tavern in Rockford, has five bottles of Samuel Adams Utopias (but none is in glass). Rotello has saved one bottle since 2005 from each batch of Utopias, missing only the 2003 release. Samuel Adams claims that this limited release beer is the strongest naturally brewed fermented beer to date.

Source: Rockford Register Star February 18, 2013, “The hunt for luxury on a beer budget”